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Guide to Selecting the Right Spray Gun Parts and Accessories

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You can buy spray gun parts and accessories from many sources. Price and availability are obviously key considerations, but you also should consider consulting with the experts at Spray Equipment and Service Center to learn if we can help you spend less on the right spray gun parts and accessories for your operation so you can profit more.

We have an incredible amount of industry knowledge and experience, which can help you select the proper spray gun, nozzles, tips and air caps. We can be a great resource because:

  • Our people know the products and have the confidence and expertise to help you. We’re not shy about acknowledging that we’re really good at what we do.

  • We have whatever you need in our huge inventory of spray gun parts and accessories. If we don’t, we have a huge network to access to find it for you.

  • We have a culture of service. If you have a problem, we can help you, either remotely or on site.

Knowing when and how to replace parts is essential for optimal performance and getting the best value for your investments in equipment. Two key factors drive this dynamic:

  • Control testing: Always do a flow test so you know if your spray gun nozzle or tip is in need of replacement. This is as simple as spraying paint into a beaker for 30 seconds to compare it to your benchmark amount. Also be sure to test your spray pattern against a benchmark.

  • Proper startup, shutdown and storage: Always clean your gun after your shift (or during the shift, depending upon use). Guns need to be flushed internally as well as wiped down externally. And never let paint or material remain in your gun overnight; even a few hours can clog ports, leave residue and potentially render your spray gun inoperable. The proper care of your spray gun will result in fewer maintenance intervals and better overall performance.

When to Replace Spray Gun Parts such as Nozzles and Needles

Nozzles are predominantly for low-pressure operations and usually come with a matching needle. Signs of worn nozzles include a bad spray pattern and inconsistent finish.

  • Efficiency: One sign that a nozzle and/or needle is worn is that paint leaks from the nozzle when the operator lets go of the trigger. The orifice may have worn, resulting in more material passing through at the same pre-set pressure. This is where a regular flow rate test pays off as you will see how the amount of fluid varies. Too much fluid probably means time for a replacement nozzle and needle. A fluid pressure adjustment could also help cut back the flow.

  • Quality: Because the nozzle/needle delivers the paint stream to the air cap, worn parts will show up in finish quality. There are many other factors that impact the quality of finish, but if an operator is consistent in technique and best practices, inconsistent finish can be a sign that it is time for a repair or replacement.

Worn spray gun parts can cost you money from excess material use, additional rejects or re-dos, and wasted time.

Air Cap Selection Depends on Material, Nozzle Size and Pattern

An uneven spray pattern or difficulty in adjusting your spray pattern could be signs of a worn out air cap. When replacing air caps, be sure to account for these three aspects:

  • Material: Different materials spray better with different air cap technologies – HVLP, LVMP and conventional air caps. The right air cap can also vary by pressure fed and gravity-based spray guns.

  • Nozzle size: A large fluid nozzle usually calls for the highest capacity air cap available for that spray gun to ensure the air cap can keep up with the fluid delivery. A small nozzle requires less capacity, which gives you more choice based on spray pattern.

  • Pattern: The right air cap provides the right width pattern to cover the product in the least number of passes but still allows for pattern overlap during painting.

Of course we will be glad to help you with replacing your air caps.

What to Consider for Selecting the Right Spray Gun Tip

A spray gun tip is typically used on Airless and Air Assisted Airless spray guns that apply coatings at medium to high pressure (300psi to 5000psi). The signs of a worn tip are similar to those for a nozzle, but you may see a bigger difference in quality than with low pressure. As the tolerance increases, the pressure decreases, and the atomization/finish quality declines. More pressure generally means accelerated wear and shorter maintenance cycles.

The right tip impacts efficiency and finish quality, so having the right supply of spare tips on hand can boost your operation and profits. Selecting a tip is based on:

  • Tip size: which accounts for your desired finish quality, fan width and volume needed for the substrate

  • Tip type: based on the type and viscosity of the material being applied

  • Tip style: based on the brand and type of your spray gun

Why You Should Buy Spray Gun Parts From Spray Equipment & Service Center

We have a large volume of spray gun parts and accessories on hand from all of the major brands. We also provide qualified technical support after the purchase and can help you with parts and rebuild suggestions.

We are your trusted partner for all things Spray as we provide added value through:

  • Advice: Our experience, expertise and approach work for you at every stage

  • Supply: We have the right equipment and parts

  • Service: We are just a phone call (866-953-0526) away or here for a live chat.

Let us put our talent, technology and service to work for you.

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