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Plural Component Spray Equipment

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Spray Equipment & Service Center features Graco’s plural-component equipment, which sprays the toughest high-solid materials accurately and on-ratio whether it’s for a large coating project like a bridge, ship or tank, or a simple touch-up project that only takes a few hours. We will try to make your search for Plural Component Equipment as simple as possible. Send us an email or give us a call (866) 487-0727 and we will walk you through it.

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Plural Component Sprayers

XM Plural Component Sprayers

The XM provides precise ratio control and handles a wide range of two-component materials. The sprayer is engineered to proportion accurately, even at high flow rates, for increased productivity and profitability.

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XP Plural Component Sprayers
XP Plural Component Sprayers

XP Sprayers are engineered for projects that require faster-setting two-part coatings. XP Sprayers are easy to use and provide on-ratio, excellent spray quality for fast-curing materials.

XP Sprayers Brochure

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