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Foam & Polyurea Equipment



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Foam Equipment Systems

Portable Foam System
Portable and Entry-Level Systems

Ideal for entry-level contractors spraying smaller jobs, touch-ups, rim-joists, and any application where portability and basic operation is preferred.

Reactor E-10

Reactor A-25

Reactor E-20

Mid Production Foam System
Mid-production Systems

The power and flexibility to tackle a broad range of applications, including home insulation, attics, and small to mid-sized commercial jobs.

Reactor 2 E-30

Reactor 2 H-30

Integrated PowerStation

Gusmer GH-2

High Production Foam System
High-production Systems

Hydraulic Reactors have power for the high output needed for large commercial and industrial projects and roofing jobs.

Reactor 2 H-40

Reactor 2 H-50

Gusmer GH-4

Spray Guns

Liquid Purge Spray Guns
Liquid Purge Guns

When the trigger is released, ClearShot fluid is dosed into the mix chamber, keeping any residual chemicals from reacting until the subsequent trigger pull.

Fusion CS

Air Purge Spray Guns
Air Purge Guns

When the trigger is released, a blast of compressed air flows through the gun, blowing out any residual chemical from the mix chamber.

Fusion PC

Fusion AP


Mechanical Purge Spray Guns
Mechanical Purge Guns

When the trigger is released, a mechanical rod actuates through the chamber, pushing any residual chemical out the tip of the gun.

Fusion MP

GX-7 & GX-8


Graco Heated Hose
Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are a key component to the overall system, allowing you to achieve accurate and uniform heating for the best application possible.

Graco Transfer Pumps
Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps maintain performance in any environment. The ideal transfer pump is based on your material viscosities, desired output rate, interior ceiling height of your rig, and available air pressure.

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