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Dispense Valves

Dispense Valves Applicators


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Dispense Valves

Graco applicators and dispense valves incorporate innovative technologies to deliver accurate dispense and adhesive consistency so you use less material and save money by minimizing rework, repair or scrap.

1 K Ultra Lite Applicator Dispense Valve
1K Ultra-Lite Applicators & Dispense Valves

Maximize production and material performance with our complete range of 1K Ultra-Lite Applicator & Dispense Valves from Graco.

  • Eliminates snake-head and material drip
  • Adjustable forward travel to reduce material surge
  • Manual and automatic versions available
  • Pistol grip version provides pilot on/off
  • Severe-Duty needle and seat

1K Ultra-Lite Brochure

Advanjet Jet Valves
Advanjet Jet Valves

Advanjet Jet Valves is Graco's complete line of microdispensing, non-contact jet valves designed to deliver high process accuracy and application flexibility in microdispensing dots, lines and complex shapes.

  • Minimal wear parts and maintenance – no fluid seals to clean or replace
  • Precision dispense over any surface, including uneven, irregularly shaped, or hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Superior pattern capability to create microdrops, lines or complex shapes
  • Up to 300 drops/sec with outstanding repeatability
  • Low to medium viscosities, handling materials up to 400,000 centipoise

Advanjet Jet Valve Brochure

Dispensit Model 1052
Dispensit Dispensing Valves

Graco offers a broad line of precision Dispensit metering and dispensing valves for applications requiring low volume, single-component dispensing.

  • Variety of configurations to meet your project requirement
  • Exceptional performance for a range of material viscosities
  • Lightweight, compact designs are easily integrated to automated equipment
  • Simple valve designs means easy maintenance
  • Precise, repeatable shot-to-shot or bead dispensing

Dispensit Brochure

I Q Dispense Valves
iQ Dispense Valves

iQ dispense valves deliver long-lasting and dependable performance for single component sealant and adhesive dispensing applications.

  • Choose from a lineup of Tip Seal, Snuff-Back, or Ball-Seat models
  • Variety of options available make it easy to customize to your application
  • Compact and lightweight body for high production applications
  • Durable design and components improve life cycles and minimize maintenance costs

iQ Brochure

MD2 Dispense Valve
MD2 Dispense Valves

The MD2 Dispense Valve was designed to accurately dispense and mix plural-component sealants and adhesives.

  • Minimizes maintenance time and costs while maximizing dispense time
  • Designed with fewer parts and is easy to clean
  • Streamlines maintenance and service
  • Complete modular design adapts to different installation needs
  • No unique tools required

MD2 Flyer

PD44 Dispense Valve
PD44 Dispense Valves

Graco PD44 is designed to accurately dispense two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicone and most reactive resin systems in small amounts from 0.005 cc to 5 cc.

  • Materials remain separate until injected into static mixer
  • Rod positive displacement metering
  • Precise mix ratio and shot repeatability
  • Eliminates cleaning and potential hardening of materials in the valve

PD44 Brochure

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