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2K Paint Mix and Color Change Systems

2 K Paint Systems


Spray Equipment is the industrial finishing leader in electronically controlled plural component proportioners and color change systems. From basic manual units to fully automated positive displacement proportioners, we can help you find the right 2k solution.

Pro Mix 2 KE Proportioners

ProMix 2KE Proportioners

This is a compact, entry level plural component proportioner designed for single color, two component, in-booth applications. It is available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies.

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Pro Mix 2 KS Proportioners

ProMix 2KS Proportioners

The ProMix® 2KS offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for entry level to upgraded applications with a broad range of solvent-borne, waterborne and acid catalyzed materials.

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Pro Mix PD2 K Proportioners

ProMix PD2K Proportioners

PD Proportioners create a consistent pressure and flow with multiple pump configurations, making it easier to take advantage of plural component material with shorter curing times, less waste and fewer VOCs.

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