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5 Ways a Graco Fusion PC Gun
Helps You on the Job Site

Reactor A 25 application

As a contractor we know you are getting squeezed for margin and time, so whatever we can do to reduce downtime and touch points at every stage means increased efficiency. This is especially true for foam spray guns that are not only a messy hassle to troubleshoot and rebuild on site but also require you to carry an inventory of spare o-rings, side seals, and springs.

If it is not bad enough midway through a job when you find yourself fishing through small parts in a bucket of solvent to see if a side seal is scratched, you may discover you don’t have a replacement.

The Graco Fusion PC line of foam spray guns has addressed many of those issues, the most important being that it reduces downtime. The innovative design and gun features will reduce your risks and ensure quality with improved reliability. The Fusion PC will not eliminate all of your problems – protective coatings systems have many variables and are increasingly complex – but it will reduce your downtime.

Here are five ways the Graco Fusion PC will make your job easier and help you on site.

The Fusion PC Gun Will Reduce Downtime

The ProConnect (PC) fusion gun features an innovative design that contains 13 parts in a single cartridge, that you can swap out in minutes. With all of the o-rings, side seals and springs inside the cartridge, the process for determining how to proceed becomes much easier when your gun experiences these issues:

  • It is spitting instead of producing a steady stream.

  • It is leaking fluid, so a side seal might be cracked.

  • Only one chemical is flowing.

  • No chemicals are flowing.

With this component-based assembly, you can access the mix chamber in seconds. Simply inspect the sealing surface and impingement ports. You might be able to clean impingement ports in a few minutes and continue spraying. Or you can decide whether to continue troubleshooting or set the cartridge aside for future diagnosis. You can replace the cartridge and/or mix chamber in a manner of minutes and be back to work.

It also is easier to take the gun apart in the field. Once the retaining ring is off, the cartridge can be pulled off by hand, though with the tight tolerance this might not be possible. The cartridge is designed with a slot on the side to make it easier to pry off with a screwdriver when the gun is full of foam. There also is a jacking screw that is stored in the gun handle that you can insert into the handle to pull the cartridge off the gun.

The Components Make For a Perfect Rebuild Every Time

The component approach not only reduces how many pieces you handle, it also simplifies the process for re-assembling the gun. Replacing the cartridge means you do not have to handle any o-rings, side seals or springs. The cartridge also has crossover containment, so when you replace a cartridge the fluids do not flow back into the gun.

The mix chamber only fits one way into the cartridge, reducing chances for error. So you simply insert and secure the cartridge, insert the mix chamber, reattach the retaining ring and you are ready to spray. It makes for a perfect rebuild each time, eliminating human errors and ensuring consistent high-quality work.

It is Easier to Train and Troubleshoot With a Fusion PC Gun

The component-based approach not only reduces downtime, but it also helps get new operators up to speed more quickly. A new operator can be trained on how to use the Graco Fusion PC in a manner of minutes.

If you decide to troubleshoot the cartridge, it comes with a divider tool that allows you to determine if an issue might be on the A or B side of the cartridge. But you can also remove a cartridge on the jobsite and troubleshoot it later when you are not under pressure to complete the task.

The mix chamber is made with harder materials and has better seals, so you can remove it without damaging it or exposing the fluid housing.

With a Fusion PC Gun, There are Fewer Parts to Stock and Maintain

The Graco Fusion PC makes it easier to manage your inventory. Cartridges are sold individually or in packs of three or five, and each cartridge contains 13 tiny parts that you may no longer have to carry.

The components of the Fusion PC are more durable and will last longer than the aluminum parts in AP guns. The end cap is made of stainless steel instead of aluminum.

The mix chamber is heavier and Chromex coated, which Graco says is 10 times stronger than its predecessor. It has a two-piece design but is a single part order.

You may be able to replace the mix chamber a couple of times a year instead of every couple of months. Having spare cartridges can also save you from needing a second gun on every trailer or truck.

You Can Easily Convert Your Air Purge Guns to PC Guns

Another great benefit of converting from air purge (AP) guns to the Fusion PC is that you do not have to purchase all new guns. Yes, you can buy complete PC guns, but you can also convert your AP guns by using your current handles and a PC retrofit kit.

The retrofit kit is quick and easy to install. Within a few minutes you will have the same capabilities of a PC gun with the single component cartridge and new mix chamber. The retrofits come with three cartridges and everything you will need, all for less than half the cost of a new PC gun.

Spray Equipment & Service Center is Your Partner For All Things Spray

Here at Spray Equipment & Service Center we have the experience and expertise to help you with all of your needs for Fusion PC guns and protective coating equipment. We can help outfit your trailer with the proper equipment, show you how to operate it efficiently, and we provide support to help you keep it up and running.

You can buy replacement parts on our website. We offer ease of ordering, provide purchase history, including access to part numbers, and access to product brochures and manuals. We are the partner you need for all things spray.