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96 G030 G3 Max
Graco 96G118

G3 Max Grease Pump, 90-240 VAC, 4L, LL with Controller

G3 Max Grease Lubrication Pump, 90-240 VAC, 4-Liter Reservoir, Low Level with Controller, 3 Sensors, DIN, Machine Count, Vent Valve Output, DIN Alarm Output, Connection for Remote Manual Run

Part #: 96G118


Built-in controller with selectable pump on/pump off timer has low level warning and shut-down alarm or set up faults to an external alarm. Comes with manual run and password protection with pre-lube function to initiate lube cycle on startup. Mix and match up to three cycle and pressure switches for custom installations and feedback. Machine count input is ideally suited for inconsistently used equipment.

  • Built-in controller with selectable pump on/pump off timer
  • Low level indicator provides low warning and shut-down alarm
  • Manual run initiates lube cycle on-demand (remote option also available)
  • Password protection safeguards settings
  • Pre-lube function can initiate lube cycle on start-up
  • Up to three pressure or cycle switch inputs to ensure proper lubrication cycles
  • Fault indication to external alarms

Specifications & Documents

Technical Specifications
In-Plant Machine and Conveyor Lubrication
Compatible Material - Lubrication
Power Source
Max Working Fluid Pressure (PSI)
Number of Outlets
Includes one adjustable pump element - standard, plus room for two more.
4-Liter Reservoir with Wiper Arm
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)
Output per Element / Min.................0.12 Cubic inch
Fluid Outlet Size
Fluid Outlet Gender
Fluid Outlet Type